Wedding Wire reviews make my heart happy!

Thank YOU Mike & Sandy, for making me smile!  :)
This has to be one of the most thoughtful & thorough Wedding Wire reviews I’ve EVER received!  *Photos Below*

great falls virginia engagement photographer

“We searched very hard to find the right photographer and were so impressed by Ashley and her professionalism that we moved money in our budget to make sure that we got her. Every aspect of the experience was fantastic.

–Introduction: We met mid-way between our locations and she came prepared. Package and pricing was clearly outlined on very professional stationary. It was immediately clear that she was able to read individuals and adapt her style on the fly. She is really easy to get along with, fun in conversation, and asked really good questions to help get a sense of our interests.

–Package: We were more interested in getting lots of photos on a CD than a custom made album (we figure we’ll make one later if we wanted). Ashley was prepared with example of albums made from her photos, and was more than willing to provide us the CD that we wanted.

–Engagement Session: Ashley picked up on my inexperience in front of the camera and suggested an engagement session to get to know one another. I highly recommend this – we had lots of contact before our big day, meaning that we were used to being around her. That was a great way to meet her and the assistant photographer – both of whom we were very comfortable with. We also got to select from a field of engagement photos, enabling her to get a better sense of what our preference is.

–Price: We had a set limit for photography that we broke once we saw what we could get for a little more money (and I mean a little – the price was far less than most photographers that we met). I came prepared to bargain and she was more than willing to give and take on price, list items, and contract terms. After just a few emails, we agreed on a package that worked for all of us.

–Day of: I barely noticed getting photographed at our wedding – both Ashley and her assistant were fantastic at moving around behind the scenes and getting lots of shots from different angles. Guests have commented even to this day at how hard working they were – on chairs, lying on the ground, they did whatever it took to get great shots. They set up a laptop by the bar during the reception with a loop of photos from the ceremony, bridal party shoot, and cocktail hour. It was a total surprise and guests (including us) loved it and were crowded around it throughout the night.

–Delivery: We landed from our honeymoon and checked our phones and had an email from Ashley wishing us well and providing a link to our photos. The viewing site is laser fast and included more than 700 edited photos for us to view. We laughed ourselves sick that night as we scrolled throughout photos of all the funny events that we did not notice.

Bottom line – very pleased with the services provided by Happy Heart Photography. Would recommend to anyone as a wedding photographer. Meet Ashley and find out for yourself. “

- Mike

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